Finding the Best Insurance Companies in Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Baton Rouge is Louisiana’s capital and second-largest city. With a population of over 220,000, Baton Rouge offers residents a vibrant culture along with risks that require insurance coverage. This article provides an overview of major insurance companies in Baton Rouge, average rates, and tips for finding the right policies at affordable prices.

Car Insurance in Baton Rouge

Choosing the right car insurance is crucial in Baton Rouge, which has high rates of accidents, auto theft, and uninsured drivers. Here are some key facts about auto insurance in the city:

  • Louisiana is an “at-fault” state, meaning the driver responsible for an accident has to pay damages.

  • The state minimum liability coverage is 15/25/15 – $15,000 bodily injury per person, $25,000 bodily injury per accident, $15,000 property damage.

  • The average annual premium in Baton Rouge is $1,926, which is 16% higher than the national average.

  • Major causes of claims are collision, theft, vandalism, and hit-and-run accidents.

The top auto insurance providers in Baton Rouge are State Farm, Progressive, Allstate, GEICO and Safeco. Direct Auto also has a strong presence as a non-standard insurer.

Home Insurance in Baton Rouge

Protecting your home is also important in Baton Rouge, which faces risks from severe storms, floods and fire ant infestations. Key facts about home insurance in the city include:

  • Average annual premium is $1,249, slightly above the national median of $1,192.

  • Flood insurance is crucial – nearly 30% of properties in East Baton Rouge Parish are in flood zones.

  • Hurricane deductibles typically range from 2-5% of the insured value.

  • Top insurers include State Farm, Allstate, Louisiana Farm Bureau, and Travelers.

  • Discounts are available for bundling home and auto, security systems, new roofs, and claims-free policies.

Health Insurance in Baton Rouge

Baton Rouge residents can choose from the following health insurance providers:

  • Blue Cross Blue Shield of Louisiana – Offers individual and family plans on and off the federal marketplace. The largest insurer in the state.

  • Vantage Health Plan – Local non-profit HMO with Medicare Advantage and Medicaid plans.

  • Aetna – National insurer with Marketplace and employer-based group health plans.

  • UnitedHealthcare – Second largest health insurer in the U.S. with many plan options.

  • Humana – Headquartered in Kentucky but offers coverage nationwide including individual, group, Medicaid and Medicare plans.

Shopping for coverage considers plan type (HMO, PPO, POS), monthly premiums, deductibles and provider networks. Utilizing insurance brokers and can simplify the process.

Top Specialty Insurance Providers in Baton Rouge

Beyond the major categories of car, home and health insurance, Baton Rouge residents need coverage like:

  • Life Insurance – Northwestern Mutual, New York Life, State Farm, Pacific Life

  • Business/Commercial – Travelers, The Hartford, Liberty Mutual, Allstate

  • Motorcycle – Progressive, Geico, Safeco, Foremost

  • Renters – State Farm, Allstate, Farmers, Travelers

  • Boat – Progressive, Geico, Allstate, State Farm

Working with independent insurance agents is the best way to compare multiple companies and policies for specialty insurance needs. Local agents have in-depth knowledge of offerings in the Baton Rouge area.

Tips for Finding the Best Insurance Rates in Baton Rouge

Follow these tips to get the lowest premiums from top insurance providers in Baton Rouge:

  • Shop around – Compare quotes from at least 4-5 companies. Rates can vary greatly.

  • Consider bundling – You can save up to 20% by combining home and auto policies with the same provider.

  • Maintain good credit – Louisiana allows insurers to use credit data for pricing. Good scores mean lower premiums.

  • Ask about discounts – Seek savings for security devices, new roofs, multi-policies, good driving records, and more.

  • Review policy limits – Don’t pay for more coverage than you need. But make sure you have adequate protection.

  • Seek group discounts – Alumni, employer and club associations may partner with insurers for special rates.

  • Increase deductibles – This cuts premiums but you pay more out-of-pocket for claims.

  • Use an independent agent – They can provide quotes from multiple insurers to find you the best deal.

Finding the right insurance at the best price takes effort – but pays off by keeping your assets protected. Regularly reviewing policies and rates ensures your needs are met both today and in the future.

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What is the cheapest car insurance in Louisiana?

Cheapest Liability Car Insurance in Louisiana Minimum coverage in Louisiana is cheapest at Southern Farm Bureau at rates of $41 per month or $492 per year. Southern Farm Bureau, USAA, Geico and State Farm offer the cheapest rates on average.

Who is the most trusted insurance company?

Insurance company
Best for
Bankrate Score
Best overall
4.4 Rating: 4.4 stars out of 5
Best overall
4.4 Rating: 4.4 stars out of 5
Best for military-focused coverage
4.3 Rating: 4.3 stars out of 5
Best for added perks
4.3 Rating: 4.3 stars out of 5

How much is car insurance in Baton Rouge?

The going rate for auto insurance in Baton Rouge is $1,570 for a six-month policy, which is about $262 per month on average.

What is the minimum full coverage insurance in Louisiana?

In Louisiana, each vehicle is required to have 15/30/25 liability limits. Those limits provide payments of $15,000 for bodily injury to one person, $30,000 for bodily injury to more than one person in a single accident, and $25,000 coverage for damage to someone else’s vehicle or other property.

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