How to Cancel Your Nationwide Insurance Policy

Nationwide is one of the largest insurance providers in the United States, offering policies for auto, home, life, pets, and more. While their extensive coverage options are great when you need insurance, you may eventually decide you want to cancel your Nationwide policy.

Canceling an insurance policy can seem intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be! This comprehensive guide will walk you through everything you need to know about canceling your Nationwide insurance policy.

When You Might Want to Cancel Your Nationwide Insurance

There are a few common reasons you may need to cancel your Nationwide insurance policy:

  • You’re switching insurance providers: You found a better rate or coverage options somewhere else, so you want to cancel your current Nationwide policy.

  • You no longer need the insurance: For example, you sold your home or car and no longer need those specific policies.

  • Financial hardship: Due to unforeseen circumstances, you can no longer afford the premium payments.

  • Dissatisfaction with Nationwide: Perhaps you’ve had a poor customer service experience or aren’t happy with how a claim was handled.

  • Moving out of state: Nationwide doesn’t operate in every state, so you may need to cancel if you’re moving somewhere they don’t provide coverage.

No matter the reason, canceling your policy is your right as a policyholder. Nationwide makes it relatively straightforward to cancel, as long as you know the proper steps.

How to Cancel Your Nationwide Auto Insurance

Auto insurance is often the first policy people think of when it comes to Nationwide. Here are the steps to cancel your auto insurance with them:

Step 1: Contact Your Agent

The first step is always to contact your Nationwide agent directly. You can find their name and number easily on your:

  • Policy declaration page
  • Auto insurance ID card
  • Monthly billing statement

Let your agent know you need to cancel your policy and when you want the cancellation effective. They will take care of canceling it on their end and may just need some extra info from you.

Step 2: Provide Your Policy Details

To fully cancel your policy, your agent will need the following info:

  • Your full name
  • Policy number
  • Effective cancellation date

Make sure to choose a cancellation date at least 2 weeks out to avoid a lapse in coverage before your new policy starts.

Step 3: Confirm the Cancellation

Your agent will confirm cancellation of your policy. Be sure to get written documentation of the cancellation, including the exact effective date.

Follow up with them if you don’t receive confirmation within a few business days. You want to verify everything was properly taken care of.

Step 4: Notify Your Lienholder

If you have a car loan or lease on the insured vehicle, you’ll also need to notify the lienholder that you’re canceling the insurance policy.

Provide them documentation that you have alternate coverage in place, with no lapse between policies. This ensures there are no issues with the financing terms.

And that’s it! As long as you contact your agent and provide the necessary details, canceling your Nationwide auto insurance is quick and hassle-free.

Cancelling Your Nationwide Home Insurance

Nationwide is also a major provider of home insurance, including homeowners, renters, and condo policies. Follow these steps when it’s time to cancel your home coverage with Nationwide:

Step 1: Contact Your Agent

Just like with auto insurance, you need to contact your agent directly to initiate cancellation of your home insurance policy.

Let them know you need to cancel and when you want the cancellation to be effective. Provide your full name and policy number as well.

Step 2: Confirm Cancellation

Your agent will handle canceling your policy on their end. Make sure to get written confirmation of the cancellation date for your records.

Step 3: Notify Your Mortgage Company

If you have a mortgage, your lender will need documentation that you have an active home insurance policy in place.

So you’ll need to provide proof you have coverage with your new provider, with no lapse between canceling Nationwide and starting the new policy.

And that’s all there is to it! Cancelling your Nationwide homeowners, renters, or condo policy just requires contacting your agent and confirming cancellation details.

How to Cancel Other Nationwide Insurance Policies

In addition to auto and home coverage, Nationwide offers insurance for life, pets, motorcycles, boats, and more.

The cancellation process for these other policies is virtually identical:

  • Step 1: Contact your Nationwide agent directly to request cancellation

  • Step 2: Provide your full name, policy number, and requested cancellation date

  • Step 3: Get written confirmation of cancellation from the agent

  • Step 4: Notify any lienholders or third parties as applicable

As long as you contact your agent and follow their instructions, you can easily cancel any type of Nationwide insurance policy.

Nationwide Policy Cancellation FAQs

We know canceling your insurance can raise some questions. Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about Nationwide policy cancellation:

How soon can I cancel my Nationwide insurance?

You can request to cancel your Nationwide policy at any time. However, your agent will likely require at least 2 weeks lead time to process the cancellation.

How will canceling affect my premium refund?

If you cancel mid-policy, Nationwide will refund any unused premium amounts to you. Refund methods include check or direct deposit.

Can I backdate my Nationwide cancellation request?

No, insurance policies can only be canceled moving forward. Nationwide will not backdate a cancellation earlier than the date you contacted your agent.

Does my agent have to approve my cancellation request?

No, as the policyholder you have the right to cancel your coverage at any time, for any reason. Your agent simply facilitates the process.

Will my cancellation fee be waived if I switch to another Nationwide policy?

Possibly. Some Nationwide plans allow fee waivers if you switch between qualifying policies, but you’ll need to ask your agent.

Can I cancel by email or my online account?

Unfortunately no. Currently the only way to cancel a Nationwide policy is to contact your agent directly by phone.

Alternatives to Completely Canceling Your Policy

Canceling your policy altogether may not always be necessary. Nationwide offers a few alternatives to completely removing coverage:

  • Temporarily suspend your policy – Keep your policy but suspend coverage for a set time period if your situation is temporary.

  • Change to a lower coverage plan – Downgrade to a lower premium policy with less coverage, but maintain insurance.

  • Modify your policy – Remove types of coverage you don’t need but keep the rest intact.

  • Shop for discounts – Ask your agent to review discounts that could lower your rates.

Discuss your options with your Nationwide agent. They can advise if an alternative makes more sense than fully canceling your policy.

Ready to Cancel Your Nationwide Insurance?

Here are a few final tips for a hassle-free cancellation process:

  • Give your agent at least 2 weeks notice before your requested cancellation date.

  • Choose a cancellation date that avoids any lapse in coverage between policies.

  • Get written documentation of your cancellation date for confirmation.

  • Notify any third parties like lenders or lienholders as applicable.

Switching insurance providers can save you money or get you better coverage. But take your time and make sure you take all the right steps when canceling your Nationwide policy. Doing it properly ensures no surprises or issues down the road!

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Does Nationwide insurance charge a cancellation fee?

Information: If you cancel your policy you won’t need to pay a cancellation fee.

How can I cancel national insurance?

To cancel your policy, you’ll need to call National General at 1 (888) 293-5108 or speak to your local agent.

How do I cancel my insurance immediately?

Depending on your insurance company’s rules, there are a variety of ways to cancel your policy. Call your provider. Most major companies simply ask that policyholders speak with an insurance agent to cancel. The phone number likely will be found on your insurance card, as well as on the company’s website or app.

How do I cancel my existing insurance?

Inform the support team of your health insurer of your desire to end the health insurance policy. Send your insurer a written policy cancellation request either online or offline. The written request must contain your policy details and the reason for cancellation.

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