Higginbotham Insurance Agency Inc Reviews – What Houston Customers Are Saying

As one of the largest independent insurance brokers in Texas, Higginbotham Insurance Agency serves thousands of customers across Houston and other areas of the state. But are Higginbotham’s customers satisfied with the service and insurance products they receive?

In this comprehensive review, we’ll examine multiple Higginbotham Insurance reviews from current and former Houston customers. You’ll see ratings and opinions on claim handling, customer service, value for your premium dollar, and overall satisfaction working with Higginbotham Insurance Agency.

Overview of Higginbotham Insurance Agency

Before diving into customer reviews, let’s look at some background on Higginbotham Insurance to set the context:

  • Independent Insurance Broker: Higginbotham is an insurance broker, not a direct carrier. They sell policies from multiple insurers.

  • Large Presence in Texas: Based in Texas since 1948, Higginbotham is one of the biggest brokers in the state.

  • Primary Products: Commercial insurance is Higginbotham’s focus, but they also offer personal insurance like home, auto, and more.

  • Other Locations: In addition to Houston, Higginbotham operates about 20 office locations throughout Texas.

  • Online Service Options: Customers can access an online portal to manage policies, pay bills, file claims, and more through Higginbotham.

So in essence, Higginbotham Insurance Agency provides insurance brokerage services and access to policies from top insurance carriers. Now let’s see what Houston customers think of working with Higginbotham Insurance.

Higginbotham Insurance Reviews on Claim Handling

For many customers, the true test of an insurance provider comes when it’s time to file a claim. How well does the company handle the claims process and get you reimbursed quickly and fairly? Here are excerpts from Higginbotham Insurance reviews discussing claim handling:

“I had a very positive experience handling a homeowners claim through Higginbotham. There were some issues with contractors doing work without permits, but my agent and the claims team helped resolve it.”

“We had roof damage during Hurricane Harvey that our homeowner’s insurer tried to minimize and avoid paying out fully. Higginbotham went to bat for us and got the full claim amount approved and paid.”

“Sending contractors and getting estimates was slow during our property claim. I had to follow up frequently to move things along. Got there in the end, but more proactive service would have helped.”

“For our auto claim when our car was totaled, the Higginbotham team made the process smooth and painless. Kept me updated through the entire claims process and got a fair value for our vehicle quickly.”

The consensus from Houston clients seems to be that Higginbotham provides good claims advocacy when issues arise with insurance carriers, but the claims process itself can sometimes be slow or tedious. Bringing patience and following up persistently leads to positive outcomes overall.

Reviews of Higginbotham’s Customer Service

In addition to claims, customers mention Higginbotham’s customer service in Houston insurance agency reviews:

“My agent always returns calls and emails promptly and answers any questions I have thoroughly until I’m satisfied. Couldn’t ask for better service.”

“While they try to be helpful, you often get bounced between departments when asking questions. Feels inefficient and impersonal at times.”

“Getting ahold of my local office is easy, but whenever I have to deal with the corporate side, hold times are extremely long.”

“Our account manager provided personalized and proactive service helping us optimize our business insurance policies as we grew over the past few years.”

As you might expect with a large agency servicing so many clients, customer service experiences vary from highly personalized to inconsistent and impersonal. Local agents get high marks while communicating with corporate departments leads to more frustration in some cases.

Feedback on Value and Price of Higginbotham Insurance

How do Higginbotham’s rates and overall value stack up according to Houston customer reviews?

“Our policy costs jumped significantly at renewal time even though we made no claims. Not sure we’re getting the best value anymore.”

“Higginbotham has delivered competitive pricing on business, home, and auto policies for our family the past 5+ years.”

“As a high-risk driver, I feel like I overpay with Higginbotham compared to quotes I could get from other specialty insurers.”

“They provided very comprehensive commercial policies that fit the needs of our eclectic business at a cost that fits our budget.”

Opinions seem split here, with some customers feeling they overpay and others seeing strong value from a cost perspective with Higginbotham. Comparing quotes every renewal cycle appears key to getting optimal rates and coverage.

Overall Satisfaction Working With Higginbotham Insurance

Looking at the big picture, how happy are customers in the Houston area working with Higginbotham Insurance long-term? Here are some overall thoughts:

“Been with Higginbotham for 17 years and never once considered leaving for another agency. Reliable service and competitive pricing.”

“Too large and impersonal. Since we don’t buy huge commercial policies, we feel like small fish in a big pond. Moving to a smaller broker.”

“Happy with the convenience of online bill pay and policy management, but wish it was easier to talk to a real person when needed.”

“Will be a lifelong Higginbotham Insurance customer. Exceptional service and great rates. Highly recommend to anyone needing insurance in Houston.”

Overall, reviews indicate higher satisfaction among commercial clients purchasing larger policies, while personal insurance customers report more mixed results. Experiences can vary depending on which local agent you work with as well.

Is Higginbotham Insurance Recommended?

Based on our analysis of Higginbotham Insurance reviews from Houston residents, we can make a few general recommendations:

  • Good Option for Commercial Insurance: Business owners seem happiest with Higginbotham’s commercial insurance offerings and service standards. Less personalized service matters less at larger account sizes.

  • Satisfaction Varies for Personal Insurance: Experiences are mixed for home and auto insurance customers. Larger agencies come with more bureaucracy.

  • Claims Advocacy Is a Plus: Reviews indicate good support when claim issues arise. The claims process itself has room for improvement.

  • Shop Around for Better Rates: Don’t renewal automatically. Compare quotes every year to ensure you’re getting optimal value.

  • Find the Right Local Agent: Reviews show wide variation in service between agents. Take time to find one that meets your needs.

Overall, Higginbotham Insurance Agency earns mixed Houston reviews reflecting its status as a large broker servicing both huge commercial entities alongside smaller individual insurance buyers. Find the right agent and continually compare rates and coverage options to maximize satisfaction.

Common Customer Complaints About Higginbotham

While many reviews of Higginbotham are positive, Houston customers cite some recurring complaints:

  • Long hold times to speak with corporate departments

  • Getting bounced between departments with no one taking ownership

  • Having to follow up multiple times for status updates on claims

  • Sudden rate hikes on policy renewals

  • Lack of personal service for smaller accounts

  • Difficulty speaking with assigned agent

Positive Feedback on Higginbotham Insurance

On the positive side, here are some of the most common praises within Higginbotham Insurance reviews:

  • Great support handling complicated claims

  • Easy online portal for managing policies

  • Proactive service from agents

  • Competitive pricing for bundled policies

  • Knowledgeable support resolving policy questions

  • Strong customer retention over many years

Is Higginbotham Recommended Over Other Providers?

Houston residents considering Higginbotham Insurance have lots of options for insurance brokers and carriers. Higginbotham earns mixed reviews compared to some competitors:

  • Allstate: More personalized service but fewer discounts than Higginbotham for bundling.

  • State Farm: Top-notch customer service and easy claims processing compared to Higginbotham’s inconsistent reviews.

  • Texas Farm Bureau: Lower premiums than Higginbotham on average but less robust online services.

  • Geico: Geico direct customers report better service than Higginbotham brokers provide but less policy choice.

  • Liberty Mutual: Similar to Higginbotham in mixed service reviews and policies offered. Worth comparing quotes.

The Bottom Line: Higginbotham Reviews Are Mixed

Houston customers provide polarized feedback on Higginbotham Insurance Agency in reviews. Experiences vary based on size of policies purchased, department dealt with, and specific agent assigned. Overall, commercial clients seem quite satisfied with cost and service while personal insurance buyers report inconsistent experiences. We suggest shopping quotes each renewal period and comparing several providers to optimize satisfaction.

Empowering Clients in Claims: Higginbotham & Joe Broy’s Approach to Active Insurance Management


What is Higginbotham insurance ranked?

Higginbotham & Associates is the largest privately held middle-market insurance agency in Texas based on revenues and the 21st largest commercial broker in the U.S. based on the 2022 Business Insurance rankings.

Who started Higginbotham insurance?

We’re rooted in values that started with our namesake, Paul C. Higginbotham. When he opened an insurance agency in 1948, he wanted to serve his small neighborhood in Fort Worth, Texas. When Rusty Reid became CEO in 1989, he planted the seeds that would take Higginbotham’s service national.

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