How to Get an Insurance Discount by Taking a Drug and Alcohol Awareness Class

Having a clean driving record is one of the main factors that helps you get lower auto insurance premiums. But what if you made some mistakes in the past that caused your rates to go up? Taking a drug and alcohol awareness class can be a great way to not only educate yourself on safe driving practices, but also earn a nice discount on your car insurance.

This comprehensive guide explains everything you need to know about using drug and alcohol awareness classes to reduce your insurance costs. We’ll cover:

  • The benefits of taking a class for insurance
  • Types of classes that qualify for discounts
  • How much of a discount you can expect
  • The easiest ways to find approved courses
  • Completing a class virtually vs. in-person
  • Tips for choosing a top-rated course

Whether you simply want to become a safer driver, made a mistake like a DUI, or have family members you want to educate, this guide outlines how completing a drug and alcohol awareness class can pay off through insurance savings down the road.

The Benefits of Taking a Class for Insurance

Insurance companies reward safe driving behavior by offering policy discounts. Taking a drug and alcohol awareness class shows your commitment to being a responsible driver. Here are some of the benefits you can gain:

  • Lower Premiums – Completing an approved course can earn you a discount of 5% to 15% or more on your policy.

  • Auto Rate Reductions – Keeping a clean driving record for 3 to 5 years can also mean moving into a lower risk tier with additional savings.

  • Teen Driver Education – Having teen family members take a class annually makes them safer drivers and keeps your family policy affordable.

  • Court Ordered Classes – These classes also satisfy court mandates for offenses like DUIs.

  • Convenient Learning – Many insurers accept virtual/online class options fitting any schedule.

Overall, taking a class is an easy way to lower costs and become a smarter driver.

Types of Classes that Qualify for Insurance Discounts

Not all courses meet the requirements for insurance discounts in every state. Here are some of the main qualifying class types:

Defensive Driving Safety Courses

  • Focus on cautious driving methods to prevent accidents.
  • May qualify upon course completion or certificate renewal.
  • Often required for ticket dismissal or to offset points.

DUI/DWI Education

  • Required by courts for driving under the influence convictions.
  • Lessons on effects of alcohol on driving abilities.

Drug & Alcohol Awareness

  • Educates on risks of driving impaired from substances.
  • May be eligible with voluntary completion.

Driver Improvement Refresher Courses

  • Reviews road signs, laws, and safe habits.
  • Can satisfy insurance requirements for high risk drivers.

Look for courses approved by state DMVs or insurance commissioners for the best discount potential.

Typical Insurance Discounts Earned

Most insurance companies offer a discount ranging from 5% to 15% for completing an eligible drug and alcohol awareness or driver safety course. Here are some examples from major insurers:

  • State Farm – 10% discount for 3 years with approved course completion

  • Geico – Up to 5% discount on completion of defensive driver course

  • Progressive – Average savings of 10% with approved defensive driver classes

  • Allstate – Rate reductions vary based on state and driving history

The exact percentage discount will depend on your provider, driving record, state, and other factors like age and vehicle type. Taking an approved class can translate to over $100 in savings annually for many drivers.

Finding Drug and Alcohol Awareness Classes

If you want to complete a class for insurance savings and self-improvement, here are some easy ways to find options:

  • Check with your auto insurance provider for recommended courses.

  • Search online marketplaces like EverDrive or eDriving for virtual class listings.

  • Look for in-person classes through traffic schools and community centers.

  • Search for state-approved defensive driving schools.

  • Contact your local DMV for listings of registered course providers.

The key is choosing an option officially recognized by insurance commissioners and/or traffic safety divisions in your state for maximum savings.

Virtual vs. In-Person Class Format

Drug and alcohol awareness classes are offered either online or in physical classrooms. Here’s an overview of what each format provides:

Virtual/Online Classes

  • Convenient 24/7 access to materials

  • Self-paced learning on your schedule

  • Immediate certificate available upon completion

  • Options with videos and interactive exercises

In-Person Classes

  • Discussion with instructor and other attendees

  • Direct answers to questions about material

  • Satisfies court orders for in-class course

  • No need for computer/internet access

Either format can effectively equip you with knowledge to become a safer driver. Choose the learning style that fits your needs and availability.

Tips for Picking a Top Rated Drug/Alcohol Awareness Course

Not all courses are created equal when it comes to value and quality. Use these tips to choose a top-rated option:

  • Verify state DMV or insurance approval for the course

  • Check for positive reviews and ratings from past attendees

  • Look for engaging presentations and useful course materials

  • See if there are group and individual instructor options

  • Consider convenience of access for online classes

  • Make sure virtual certificate delivery is quick and seamless

  • Choose experienced course providers in business for many years

Finding the right class takes a bit of research, but the payoff of insurance savings and expanded knowledge is well worth the effort.

Get Insurance Discounts You’ve Earned

Maintaining clean driving records over time is the main way for drivers to secure lower insurance rates. But even if you have past mistakes impacting your premiums now, taking an approved drug and alcohol awareness or defensive driving class can help you earn discounts to reduce costs.

Not only will you gain valuable safety knowledge, but you’ll also satisfy court mandates if relevant and demonstrate your commitment to driving responsibly. All insurers need to see to reward you with lower rates.

Use this guide to find the right class format, top course provider, and ultimately slash your insurance expenses. The small time investment can yield hundreds of dollars in ongoing savings.

Drug and Alcohol Awareness


What is the Texas state approved drug awareness course?

Our Texas drug and alcohol driving awareness program (DADAP) is a six-hour, state approved course for drug and alcohol related offenses and insurance discounts.

How many points does a defensive driving course take off in NY?

You must take this course every 3 years to maintain your insurance discount. Please contact your insurance provider for more details on how this discount applies to your auto insurance. The New York Defensive Driving Course can help you reduce up to 4 points from your driving record.

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