Chattel Loans For Manufactured Homes

Gain access to manufactured housing loans from Moving Home and realize your dream of homeownership. Whether you’re a dealer or a potential buyer looking to buy a chattel property, we are the market’s top source for a quick and easy financing process. The application procedure is simple, online, and only requires a few minutes to finish. Let us help you start moving home today.

Establish a Retailer Partnership

If you are a dealer of manufactured homes, our retailer partnership program makes it simple for you to assist your clients in obtaining financing. We assist clients in finding affordable housing that meets or exceeds their expectations by providing an easy application process and quick response times. If you ever require any lending assistance or support, you can always rely on honest communication and a prompt response from our professional team.

Pre-Qualify for a Chattel Loan

Our primary objective is for you to move into a home that you can afford. Whether you’re buying something or refinancing, we’ll work closely with you to secure a chattel loan. Our knowledgeable team, which specializes in manufactured home loans, offers a full range of services, including loan origination, insurance, and extras. You can rely on them to provide you with friendly assistance and knowledgeable guidance throughout the entire process.


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Experienced Manufactured Home Lenders

We want to change the way you view mobile homes. Modern manufactured homes offer numerous benefits and a cost-effective route to homeownership. Manufactured homes give you peace of mind, a chance to make a long-term investment, and a lovely place where your family can expand thanks to their high structural standards and use of high-quality materials.

CIS Moving Home has been lending money for manufactured homes for almost 50 years. We’ve been around for a while, assisting individuals in urban and rural communities to find affordable financing and work toward realizing their individual visions of the American Dream. Let us demonstrate how we can make the process of purchasing your new manufactured home quick, simple, and enjoyable.

Our Manufactured Home Loan Programs

For a first-time home buyer in particular, applying for a loan from a manufactured home financing company may seem like a big step forward. Two loan programs are available from CIS Moving Homes to suit your needs.

The Just Home program from CIS Moving Home is for you if you’ve found the house of your dreams but don’t own the land you want to set up your manufactured home on. Traditionally known as a chattel loan, our Just Home loan program is for movable property like your manufactured home. With our Just Home program, you can erect your manufactured home on private property or in a community of manufactured homes and begin relishing homeownership.

Choosing us as your chattel loan lender has several advantages, such as:

  • Applicants can structure repayments over a range of terms
  • Lower interest rates
  • Option of a fixed or variable rate
  • You own your manufactured home upfront, and it will appear as an asset on your balance sheet
  • Our Home Turf program is for those who own land and require financing to buy their dream home. You use your land as a down payment for our Home Turf program, also known as land-in-lieu financing.

    Benefits of our Home Turf Program include:

  • Depending on the value of your land, you will have to contribute little to no additional cash to obtain financing
  • You do not need to survey the land or build a permanent foundation to qualify for the loan
  • You have the option to include closing costs, fees and site improvements into your loan to reduce out-of-pocket expenses
  • Learn More About Our Manufactured Housing Loans

    Apply for a chattel loan today. We offer some of the most competitive rates on home-only loans and loans for homes plus property, and the procedure is entirely digital. The best part is that you’ll find out quickly if you’re approved so you can start making decisions for the real world.

    Use our contact form to send us a message if you want to learn more about our manufactured home loans or start a dealer partnership.

    Hear From Our Happy Customers

    This was my second home purchase. By far the best experience. Handled every issue by email or text and great communication. They answered all of my questions patiently and made sure I was aware of all my options. It was the best experience by far. No hassle home buying. The way to go.

    Hear From Our Happy Customers

    I would highly recommend Alicia and her team to any prospective home buyers because they went above and beyond to help us, working after hours to lock in our interest rate and explaining the process to us so that it went as smoothly as it could.


    What credit score is needed for a chattel loan?

    Different chattel loan providers may demand a credit score as low as 575 or as high as 660. ”.

    What type of loan is best for a manufactured home?

    Chattel Loans You can use a chattel loan to buy a variety of property, including cars, boats, and mobile homes. Compared to traditional mortgages, these loans frequently have shorter terms and smaller loan limits. Additionally, the collateral for the loan is the property being financed.

    Are chattel mortgages good?

    A little-known but potentially beneficial option for financing a manufactured home or even large equipment is a chattel mortgage. These loans are smaller than conventional loans and typically have higher interest rates, but they also have shorter terms and are paid off more quickly.

    What is the interest rate on a chattel mortgage?

    Banks believe there is a higher chance they won’t get their money back in the event of a foreclosure if there isn’t an included property. The interest rate on a chattel loan will range between 5 and 10 percent to allow banks to cover their risk. 99% and 12. 99%, depending on income, credit score, and other variables.