Can A 17 Year-Old Get A Loan With A Co-Signer

You must be at least 18 years old to legally sign a loan contract in the USA. You won’t be able to enter into a contract with a lender if you are under 18 years old because you are legally considered a minor. Your only option in this type of circumstance is an adult co-signer. It’s akin to an adult giving you a loan and allowing you to use the funds.

You may be able to get a loan when you are under 18 if you use a cosigner. Many lenders approve of adding a cosigner to a bad credit loan application because the lending risk is lower. A cosigner with an established credit history can help applicants with limited credit history get approved for unsecured loans.

How To Get A Loan When You Are 17

These methods are worth trying if you’re wondering how to get a loan at the age of 17. Let’s check them out!.

Find Lenders that Provide Minor Loan

There are numerous other ways to obtain a loan at 17 if you are a minor. You must ascertain which financial institution or credit union provides loans with a co-signer. Additionally, there are numerous lenders out there that provide young people with a variety of options for personal and auto loans. For example, People’s Credit Union has a “Credit Builder’s Loan. “With this loan, young people can meet their financial obligations while also establishing a solid credit history and score.” A parent or legal guardian must sign as a cosigner on loans for minors.

Show Savings Or Offer Deposit

When applying for a loan as a minor, try to secure a co-signer who is a parent or legal guardian. Your loan application might be approved by the lenders if you can provide a significant down payment and a cosigner. Moreover, you can offer a deposit against your loan application. For those who are applying for a loan at age 17, this method works wonders.

Provide A Recommendation Later

If at all possible, include a recommendation with your loan application. People who are minors can use this type of document to have their loan application approved. This is so that your loan application will be helped by a recommendation from the employee or supervisor who stated that the security of your employment or loan will help.

Add A Creditworthy Cosigner

You can attempt to include a creditworthy family member or friend as a cosigner on your loan application if you are 17 years old. When you’re a minor, this is a very effective method of getting your loan application approved. However, keep in mind that the cosigner’s credit will suffer if you default on the loan or pay it off late.

How To Compare The Lenders Who Provide Loan To Minors

Finding a competitive loan if you are under 18 will be extremely difficult. However, regardless of how many lenders you locate, you should evaluate each one to determine which is the best for you. Before choosing a lender, you should take into account the following characteristics. Let’s check them out!.

1. Interest: Before selecting a loan for you, consider the interest rate and other factors. Choose the product that best suits you by learning how it differs from others that are similar to it.

2. Loan Amounts: Various lenders provide loans with different minimum and maximum amounts. Therefore, it is very important to check the loan amount. You can use it to determine how much you can afford to pay back.

3. Fees: Different lenders impose a range of fees on their loans. To learn the fees you would incur, you must consult the landers. Establishment fees, monthly fees, early repayment fees, etc. are some typical fees. Verify the fees you must pay so that you can reduce the expense.

4. Check to see if the lenders provide additional services that come with your loan. Many lenders offer various facilities like extra repayments. This kind of facility is an extended warranty or an offset facility for your loan.

Loan Option For 17 Years Old

Student loans are the simplest loans to obtain if you are a minor. There are two types of student loans available. They are –.

1. Federal Student Loans

2. Private Student Loans

Federal Student Loans

Depending on where you attend school or college, the federal government may offer loans to you. To qualify for a federal student loan, you must meet certain requirements, such as U S. citizenship, acceptance into or enrollment in a degree program that meets the requirements, at least half-time enrollment, satisfactory academic progress, etc. Additionally, you must be eligible to receive a college or school degree by demonstrating your high school diploma or high school certificate. Federal student loans have no minimum age requirements, but male students who are between the ages of 18 and 25 must register with the Selective Service. To apply for a federal student loan if you meet the requirements but are under the age of 18, you will need a cosigner. Compared to private student loans, federal student loans have lower interest rates. Under the U. S. Depending on your financial need, you can select Direct Subsidized Loans from the Department of Education’s Direct Loan programs. A Free Application for Federal Student Aid must be completed in order to apply for the loan.

Private Student Loans

You can submit an application for a private student loan as a minor with banks, credit unions, etc. However, cosigners are necessary for student loans obtained from non-governmental private lending institutions. Additionally, based on your age, you might need a credit history that has been established, and your interest rate should range from 3 to 13 percent, depending on your credit score.

FAQs About Loans For 17-Year-Olds | How To Get A Loan At 17

Yes, you can get a personal loan at 17. Numerous financial institutions, including banks and credit unions, provide personal loans to young people. To qualify for the personal loan at age 17, you must add a parent or other member of your family as a cosigner.

What Is The Minimum Legal Age To Get A Loan In The USA?

In the USA, you must be at least 18 years old to sign a loan agreement. To obtain a loan as a minor if you are under the age of 18, you must have a co-signer.

Can A 17-Year-Old Get A Credit Card?

No, a 17-year-old is not eligible to apply for a credit card because, by law, anyone under the age of 18 is deemed a minor, and a minor is not allowed to sign a loan agreement.

Can Kids Under 18 Have A Credit Score?

No, kids under 18 years can’t have a credit score. Due to the fact that minors aren’t allowed to have their own credit cards, children under the age of 18 have no chance of having a credit score.

Can I Have A Debit Card At 17?

Yes, you can have a debit card at 17. However, because you are a minor, a parent or guardian who is older than 18 must be listed on the account.



Does a 17 year old need a cosigner for a car?

“If you’re too young, the only age restriction for cosigning applies. To cosign, you must be at least 18 years old. However, there is no age limit on the high end.

Can you get a co-signer at 17?

You are still a minor and cannot legally sign a loan agreement, so it is unfortunate that your grandmother has agreed to cosign a car loan for you.

Can a 16 year old get a loan with a co-signer?

Legally, even with your parents as cosigners, you cannot obtain a loan until you are 18 years old.

How old do you have to be to get a cosigned loan?

Just keep in mind that you’ll still need to meet your specific personal loan requirements even if you apply with a cosigner. Being 18 years of age or older, for instance, is a typical borrower and cosigner requirement.