Blue Cross Blue Shield Dental Insurance in Oklahoma: Plans, Benefits & More

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Oklahoma (BCBSOK) offers a variety of dental insurance options for individuals, families, and employer groups across the state. As a leading dental insurance provider, they partner with one of the largest dental networks in the U.S. to give members access to quality care.

This in-depth guide to Blue Cross Blue Shield dental insurance in Oklahoma covers everything you need to know, including:

  • Types of plans available
  • Network and coverage details
  • Benefits offered
  • Costs and savings
  • How to enroll
  • Tips for getting the most from your dental benefits

Whether you’re looking to purchase individual dental insurance or provide group dental benefits to employees, read on for a comprehensive overview.

Dental Insurance Plans Offered in Oklahoma

BCBSOK provides the following main types of dental policies for Oklahoma residents:

Individual & Family Plans

  • Sold both on and off the federal health insurance marketplace
  • Can be purchased by individuals or as child-only coverage
  • Offered as stand-alone dental or combined with medical plans

Medicare Advantage Plans

  • Offered as an optional supplemental benefit with Medicare Advantage plans
  • Helps fill Medicare coverage gaps like routine dental care

Group Dental Plans

  • Offered to employers to provide dental benefits to employees
  • Available for groups of all sizes
  • Can be fully customized for large employer groups

Within these main categories are a variety of plan designs and options to fit different needs and budgets.

Dental Provider Network and Coverage

The core dental network associated with Blue Cross Blue Shield OK dental plans is the BlueCare Dental PPO Network. It gives members access to:

  • More than 5,000 dentists across Oklahoma
  • 107,000 access points nationwide
  • Dentists and specialists with no referrals required

This large network helps ensure convenient access to quality providers near where members live and work.

BCBSOK dental plans utilize a Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) model. This means members can visit any dentist, but will pay less out-of-pocket when using in-network PPO dentists. Seeing out-of-network dentists results in higher costs.

Dental Benefits and Covered Services

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Oklahoma dental plans cover a comprehensive range of services to help you maintain dental health. Some of the key benefits include:

  • Preventive care – cleanings, exams, x-rays, fluoride
  • Basic services – fillings, extractions, root canals
  • Major services – crowns, bridges, dentures
  • Orthodontia – braces for children and adults
  • Teledentistry – virtual dental visits by phone or video

Deductibles, copays, and annual maximums apply based on the specific plan. Higher-level plans offer richer benefits and lower out-of-pocket costs.

Various riders and supplemental coverage options are also available, such as dental implants or increased orthodontia benefits.

Dental Insurance Costs and Discounts

The monthly premium you’ll pay for Blue Cross Blue Shield of Oklahoma dental insurance depends on factors like:

  • Type of plan (individual vs group)
  • Plan selected
  • Number of people covered
  • Choice of deductible
  • Use of riders/supplemental benefits

However, dental insurance through BCBSOK provides opportunities for significant savings:

  • Negotiated rates – 30-50% average discounts when using in-network dentists

  • Preventive focus – 100% coverage for cleanings, x-rays, and other preventive care on most plans

  • Annual maximum rollover – Rolls over a portion of unused annual maximum benefit to the next year

  • Healthy savings – Additional discounted services if you have certain health conditions

  • Teledentistry – Potentially lower out-of-pocket costs for virtual visits

Leveraging these savings can reduce your yearly dental expenses.

How to Enroll in BCBS of Oklahoma Dental Insurance

Enrolling in dental insurance through Blue Cross Blue Shield of Oklahoma involves a few simple steps:

Individual plans – Visit the BCBSOK website to browse plan options, get quotes, and enroll online. You can also purchase individual dental plans through or directly from agents.

Group plans – Employers can contact BCBSOK sales representatives to get quotes, discuss plan options, and enroll in group dental coverage.

Medicare Advantage – Select a Medicare Advantage plan with included dental benefits during Medicare’s annual election period.

To find the right dental benefits for your needs and budget, be sure to compare different plans carefully before enrolling.

Tips for Using Your Dental Benefits

Once enrolled in a BCBS of Oklahoma dental plan, keep these tips in mind to maximize your coverage:

  • Review your plan documents to understand benefits, cost-sharing, and limitations
  • Only visit in-network PPO dentists to receive discounted rates
  • Ask about costs upfront – dentists’ quotes may differ from actual insurance-negotiated fees
  • Get preventive cleanings/exams every 6 months to detect issues early
  • Check if providers offer teledentistry visits for additional savings
  • Use the annual maximum rollover perk to increase future benefits
  • Take advantage of savings from bundled medical-dental plans if available

Find a Blue Cross Blue Shield of Oklahoma Dentist

To find an in-network PPO dentist near you:

  • Visit the BCBSOK website and use the provider search tool
  • Download the BCBSOK mobile app to search for dentists on the go
  • Call Member Services and ask for help locating participating dentists

Narrow provider searches by location, specialty, languages spoken, weekend hours, and other preferences.

Key Takeaways

  • Blue Cross Blue Shield of Oklahoma offers dental insurance for individuals, families, employers
  • Plans utilize the extensive BlueCare Dental PPO Network
  • A variety of plan designs are available with different benefit levels
  • Significant cost savings can be achieved when using in-network dentists
  • Members have access to teledentistry services on many plans
  • Shop plans carefully and use in-network providers to maximize dental benefits

With comprehensive coverage options, robust provider networks, and cost-saving perks, BCBS dental insurance helps Oklahoma residents access high-quality oral health care.

Benefits Blue Cross Blue Shield Oklahoma


How much is dental insurance in Oklahoma?

For adults who purchase their own stand-alone or family dental coverage through the exchange, premiums range from $37 to $91 per month. IHC Specialty Benefits reports that the average monthly premium for a stand-alone family dental plan sold in Oklahoma in 2022 was $41.24.

What does Blue Cross Blue Shield of Oklahoma cover?

Our plans cover the health benefits essential under the Affordable Care Act and through the Oklahoma health insurance exchange, including: maternity, newborn and pediatric care, emergency care, hospitalizations, labs, prescribed drugs, disease management, mental health, substance use and rehabilitative services.

How do I contact Blue Cross Oklahoma?

If you didn’t buy your plan on Contact your independent, authorized agent, or call BCBSOK Customer Service at 866-520-2507. Health care coverage is important for everyone. We provide free communication aids and services for anyone with a disability or who needs language assistance.

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