Who is the AAA Insurance Commercial Singer in 2023?

AAA insurance has become widely known for its quirky and memorable TV commercials. At the heart of many of these ads is a charming female singer, whose smooth vocals and sunny personality have made her the face of the AAA brand. As AAA rolls out new advertising campaigns for 2023, many viewers are wondering – who is the actress singing in the latest AAA insurance commercials?

A Quick Look at AAA’s Ad Campaigns

AAA insurance provides coverage for auto, home, life, business, and more. Headquartered in Heathrow, Florida, AAA serves over 60 million members across North America. The company aims to provide peace of mind to customers through reliable coverage and top-notch customer service.

To promote their products and services, AAA frequently launches creative ad campaigns on TV, radio, online platforms, and more. Their commercials often incorporate humor, catchy jingles, or uplifting messages to capture viewer attention.

Over the years, AAA’s commercials have featured prominent celebrities like John Stamos and Brooke Shields. But it’s their ads starring an upbeat female singer that have sparked the most interest from audiences.

Meet Jordyn Kane – The AAA Insurance Singer

The vocal artist featured in many of AAA’s recent campaigns is Jordyn Kane. Kane is an LA-based singer and songwriter known for her warm, retro-inspired pop sound.

Born in the 1990s in Dallas, Texas, Kane got started in music at a young age. She landed her first professional singing gig at age 14, performing the national anthem at a Dallas Mavericks game.

After high school, Kane headed west and settled in Los Angeles to pursue music full-time. She began recording and releasing her own original music in 2016. With influences like Carole King and Joni Mitchell, Kane crafted a sound she calls “California 70s pop”.

Kane’s music career was ticking along when she caught the interest of the team at AAA insurance in 2018. They brought her on to record a cover of the song “Going to California” for a new TV ad. The spot showcased Kane’s sunny, easy-going musical style – and her versatility as a vocalist.

Based on the success of that first ad, AAA continued working with Kane on subsequent campaigns. Her voice has now become familiar to millions of TV viewers across the United States.

Notable AAA Commercials Featuring Jordyn Kane

Here’s a look at some of the most popular AAA insurance ads starring Jordyn Kane as the featured singer:

“Going to California” – 2018

The commercial that started it all featured Kane singing a cheerful cover of Led Zeppelin’s “Going to California”. Against sunny footage of California landscapes, Kane strums an autoharp and belts out the road trip anthem.

“Somewhere Over the Rainbow” – 2019

In this ad, Kane delivers an uplifting, ukulele-backed take on the classic “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”. Her breezy, relaxed vocals match the carefree scenes of family road trips.

“AAA Selfie Commercial” – 2020

A more contemporary commercial saw Kane singing short clips of hit songs like “Take on Me” by a-ha and “Kokomo” by The Beach Boys. Interspersed with selfies taken by AAA members, it highlighted Kane’s vocal range.

“Believe” – 2021

Kane sang an inspiring version of “Believe” by Cher for this ad showcasing moments of everyday magic enjoyed by AAA customers. Her soaring vocals built momentum as the ad progressed.

“Roll With It” – 2022

One of Kane’s grooviest AAA ads was built around her cover of Steve Winwood’s “Roll With It”.Channels a 70s soft rock vibe, fitting AAA’s lighthearted, feel-good brand image.

While these are some of her most memorable AAA commercial appearances, Kane has recorded a variety of songs for the insurance company’s TV and radio spots over the past few years. She has proven to be a versatile musical spokesperson for the brand.

What Else is Jordyn Kane Up To?

When she isn’t appearing in AAA insurance ads, Jordyn Kane continues nurturing her own music career. She released her debut full-length album, Double Vision, in 2019.

Her songs have also been featured on popular TV shows like This Is Us, Grey’s Anatomy, and Lucifer. She made her acting debut with a guest role in a 2020 episode of Lucifer as well.

On social media, Kane engages with fans through frequent posts about creating music and living a creative lifestyle. She shares musical performances on Instagram and behind-the-scenes glimpses of projects like her AAA commercial shoots.

As AAA rolls out new ad campaigns for 2023 and beyond, it seems likely Jordyn Kane will remain one of the key friendly faces – and voices – of the brand. Her upbeat, California-pop sound has struck a chord with audiences. It helps the insurance company deliver messaging that feels positive, fun, and memorable.

5 Reasons Jordyn Kane is an Effective AAA Spokesperson

So what makes Jordyn Kane such an effective musical spokesperson for AAA’s advertising? Here are 5 key reasons:

1. Catchy, feel-good musical style – Kane’s upbeat retro-pop sound instantly captures attention while conveying themes of joy and optimism.

2. Warm, approachable vocals – Her smooth, friendly voice communicates accessibility and trust.

3. Multi-generational appeal – Kane’s classic pop influences give her broad appeal across age groups.

4. Acting experience – In addition to singing, Kane can deliver scripts and spoken lines with natural charisma.

5. Active online presence – Kane’s social media accounts help drive brand awareness and affinity with younger audiences.

Moving forward, it will be interesting to see if Kane branches out into advertising opportunities with other brands. For now, though, she seems happily situated as the signature singer of AAA insurance. Her cheerful musical presence has formed a strong connection with AAA’s target audience over the past few years.

The Bottom Line

Jordyn Kane’s rising success as a solo artist has been boosted by her exposure as the featured singer in many of AAA’s recent ad campaigns. While Kane keeps busy with her own music career, her association with AAA insurance shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

With a distinctive and flexible vocal style, Kane has proven herself as the perfect musical fit for the AAA brand image. She has brought her own unique sound to songs like “Over the Rainbow” and “Roll With It” – while maintaining a fun, family-friendly vibe. Moving forward into 2023, listeners and viewers can expect to be seeing and hearing a lot more from Jordyn Kane as the spokesperson behind those familiar AAA insurance commercial jingles.

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