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For those considering purchasing a home or refinancing an existing mortgage, Wright Patt Credit Union (WPCU) offers a wide range of mortgage products and services. Whether you’re a first-time homebuyer or an experienced homeowner, WPCU provides competitive rates, flexible terms, and personalized service to help you make the best decisions for your financial future. In this blog post, we will explore WPCU’s current mortgage rates and the factors that influence them. We will also discuss the loan products and services available to help you finance your home and the benefits of working with WPCU. Finally, we will provide some tips to help you navigate the home-buying process. With this information, you can make the right decision for your needs and have peace of mind knowing you have the right team on your side.

General Credit Union Information

Wright-patt Credit Union, Inc. is an NCUA insured institution located in Beavercreek, OH. It was founded in 1932 and has approximately $7247. 86 millions in assets.

Most Miami Valley residents are eligible for the fantastic benefits of membership at Wright-Patt. Wright-Patt Credit Union proudly serves: Individuals who reside in Montgomery, Greene, Warren, Miami, Clark, Clinton, Champaign, or Hamilton counties in Ohio; those who work, worship, or attend school in any of those counties; and those who meet any of the criteria listed below. Military and civilian employees of Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. military personnel without access to a credit union who live in a 14-county region nearby Fairborn Retired United States Government military and civilian personnel. Government workers who live close to WPAFB but do not work at a location with a credit union Wright State University students, faculty, staff, and Alumni Association members. Select groups of individuals connected by employment, location, or another organizational affiliation List of select groups ( http://www. wpcu. coop/Index/OpenAccountsLoans/BecomeAMember/SelectEmployerGroup. Those who are eligible for WPCU membership’s spouses, children, and specific other relatives are also eligible.

NCUA Insured Yes / State-Chartered
Charter Number # # 66328
Date Established 1932
Assets $7,247.86 million
Loans $5,327.91 million
Deposits $6,144.94 million
Capital $817.86 million

Field of Membership Restrictions Wright-Patt Credit Union serves: Individuals who live, work, worship or attend school in Montgomery, Greene, Butler, Champaign, Clark, Clinton, Franklin, Hamilton, Miami, or Warren counties in Ohio. Military and civilian employees of Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. Military personnel residing in a 14-county area adjacent to the Fairborn area who do not have a credit union available. Retired United States Government military and civilian personnel. Government employees residing near WPAFB who do not have credit union facilities at their places of employment. Wright State University students, faculty, staff, and Alumni Association members. Select groups made up of people associated through employment, geographic location, or other organizational affiliation. Spouses, children, and certain other relatives of current for WPCU members.

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Int Checking Rates APY MIN MAX
Int Ckg 0.04% $1 $99 Learn MoreShow Less
Int Ckg 0.04% $2,500 $3,499 Learn MoreShow Less

Loan Rates – December 12, 2022

Your Current Location: New York, NY 10007

Mortgage products have monthly payments based on a $200,000 loan. Monthly payments for home equity loans are based on a $50,000 loan. Monthly payments for auto loans are based on a loan amount of $25,000. Rates are determined by a number of variables, including credit score and loan amount. For specific requirements please check with the lender. Rates may change at any time.

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Wright-patt Credit Union, Inc. Locations

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Wright-patt Credit Union, Inc. Ratio Analysis

The ratios and information below can help you better understand Wright-patt Credit Union, Inc.’s financial situation. The data is provided by the NCUA. Except for those listed as not NCUA-insured in the overview section above, all credit unions on BestCashCow are covered by the NCUA. Depositors should be careful to remain within NCUA insurance limits.

Wright-patt Credit Union, Inc. U.S. Average
6.94% 4.24

The Texas Ratio evaluates a credit union’s ability to absorb losses by contrasting the amount of loans at risk and repossessed assets with its available cash. The less capital and reserves a credit union has to absorb its loan losses, the closer the Texas Ratio is to 1-to-1 or 100%.

As of June 30, 2022, Wright-patt Credit Union, Inc. had $56,469,117 in non-current loans and $2,923,718 in owned assets. It had a net worth of $817,861,020 and loan loss reserves of $37,711,297 to cover these potential losses. That gives it a Texas Ratio of 6. 94%.

Wright-patt Credit Union, Inc. U.S. Average
11.28% 12.40%

Wright-patt Credit Union, Inc. FCU has a net worth of 11. 28% versus the BestCashCow average of 12. 40. Net worth measures how much total assets exceed total liabilities. A credit union is viewed as being more secure the higher its net worth number. LATEST ARTICLES ON Savings.

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Is 4.00% a good mortgage rate?

According to Tim Milauskas, a loan officer with First Home Mortgage in Millersville, Maryland, an interest rate of about 4% is currently regarded as favorable. When you compare mortgage rates, your credit will be the main factor determining the rates you receive, according to Milauskas.

Is a 6% interest rate for a mortgage good?

Currently, favorable mortgage rates for a 15-year fixed loan typically begin in the 5% to 6% range, while favorable rates for a 30-year loan typically begin in the 7% to 8% range. At the time this was written in Nov. 2022, the average 30-year fixed rate was 6. 61% according to Freddie Mac’s weekly survey.

Is 4.75 a good interest rate for mortgage?

If you’re looking for a 30 year fixed mortgage through the FHA, 4 75% is your “Best Execution” target. We believe that the sweet spot for 15-year fixed mortgage rates is at 4 percent. 25%. We’ve heard of very well qualified borrowers getting rates on 5-year ARMs as low as 3. 50%.

Is 2.25 A good mortgage interest rate?

Whether or not you qualify for 2. 25%, rates are ridiculously low. The truth is that top-tier borrowers with excellent credit scores and 20% down payments almost always receive the lowest advertised rates. So a 2. 25% mortgage rate will be out of reach for many.