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Using a VA Purchase or VA Refinance Loan, you can look at your anticipated monthly payment using this VA mortgage calculator.

Estimate your VA Loan payment:

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    Veterans, active military members, and surviving spouses can quickly and easily estimate their monthly payments with a VA loan using the VAMortgageCenters VA loan calculator.

    Our VA loan calculator accurately depicts potential monthly payments by taking property taxes, homeowners insurance, and the VA funding fee into account.

    How the VA Loan Calculator Works

    Simply enter your VA loan amount in the “Home Value” section of our VA loan calculator to get an instant calculation. The remaining fields should be filled out for the most accurate VA loan payment estimate.

    The VA loan rate displayed is only for educational purposes and is a broad estimate based on current market conditions. Your lender’s policies will determine your actual rate, payment, and terms.

    VA Mortgage Calculator Adjustments

    We advise completing all pertinent fields for the most precise estimate. Here is a brief analysis of each factor’s effect on your VA loan payment.

    Zero down payment is the VA loan’s distinguishing feature. If you’d like, you can leave it at zero dollars or add a down payment.

    The VA loan offers both purchase and refinance options. Your monthly payment will change if you refinance a VA loan because the VA funding fee is different than it is for purchase loans.

    Members of the Guard and Reserves and Regular Military now typically pay the same VA funding fee. But surviving spouses are exempt from paying the VA funding fee.

    You are exempt from paying the VA funding fee if you are VA disabled. A higher VA funding fee applies to those who have previously used a VA loan but are not disabled.

    Estimated Taxes & Insurance

    Property tax estimates default in our calculator to 1. 2%, but you can edit this under the advanced setting. The default estimate for homeowners insurance is 0. 35% and may also be modified in the advanced settings of the VA loan calculator.

    VA Funding Fee Explained

    The Department of Veterans Affairs will receive the one-time payment known as the VA Funding Fee. This fee lowers the program’s cost to taxpayers and aids in maintaining the VA loan program.

    If the VA funding fee is due, you have two payment options: upfront or financed into your monthly payments.

    Down Payment Funding Fee
    None 2.30%
    5% or more 1.65%
    10% or more 1.40%
    Down Payment Funding Fee
    None 3.60%
    5% or more 1.65%
    10% or more 1.40%

    Again, this calculator is for educational purposes only. For an exact payment, contact a VA lender.


    Is USAA good for VA loans?

    If you qualify for a VA loan, USAA is a good mortgage lender to look into. In J. D. USAA consistently receives the highest ratings from its mortgage customers in Power’s satisfaction survey. It would be a great resource for all of your VA loan needs because of its special expertise in serving veterans, active duty service members, and their families.

    How much will the VA loan me for a house?

    Regarding VA Loan Limits The typical VA loan cap for most U.S. borrowers in 2022 is $647,200. S. counties, increasing from $548,250 in 2021. The maximum VA loan amount for a single-family home in high-cost counties has also increased and now stands at $970,800.

    Do you need 20% down for a VA loan?

    In other words, the VA guarantees a portion of the loan, protecting the lender in the event that the borrower defaults, so the VA loan doesn’t require a down payment. This guarantee enables the lender to provide more enticing terms, such as no down payment.

    What credit score does USAA require for VA?

    With a focus on VA loans (both conforming and nonconforming), USAA works with service members and veterans nationwide. It also provides a conventional product. To be eligible, you must have a credit score of at least 640 and borrow at least $50,000.