Shared Ownership Mortgage Low Credit Score

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Shared Ownership Mortgage Low Credit Score

Author: Pete Mugleston – Mortgage Advisor, MD

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When a person has bad credit and wants to purchase a home, shared ownership is frequently very helpful. It could be the helping hand you need to get on the property ladder if you’re having trouble saving up a deposit or getting approved for a mortgage for the full amount you need.

This article will outline how poor credit can impact your application, how to strengthen it, and why speaking with a specialist broker will help you avoid applying blindly and end up doing more harm to your credit files.

Can you get a Shared Ownership mortgage with bad credit?

Yes. A government program called shared ownership may be able to assist people who want to buy a home or move but are having trouble saving up a sizable down payment and are okay with co-owning their house.

Poor credit does not pose a barrier to enrollment in the program. However, things can become slightly more challenging if you need to obtain a mortgage after being accepted for a Shared Ownership property.

This is due to the fact that having poor credit makes lenders wary that you might have trouble making your payments, which may limit your borrowing options. But even if you have serious adverse information on your credit files, there are many lenders out there who will consider your application.

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Since we are aware that everyone’s circumstances are unique, we work with mortgage brokers who are authorities in a variety of mortgage-related fields. Ask us a question, and we’ll find the right expert to assist you.

Shared Ownership Mortgage Low Credit Score

Typically, a Shared Ownership mortgage requires a deposit of at least 5%. However, if you can put more money down, you can lower your loan amount and loan to value (LTV) ratio, which will give you access to more lenders. You might be qualified for more mortgages as a result of this.

A 100% Shared Ownership mortgage is possible, but they are difficult to obtain with bad credit.

Because lenders are required by law to determine whether you can make the repayments, affordability plays a significant role in their decision. Most experts advise that you, ideally, cancel any unnecessary subscriptions at least three months before applying as they do this by looking at your income and expenses.

Fortunately, bad credit mortgage lenders typically employ a flexible underwriting process. To learn more about your options, talk to a bad credit mortgage broker if your credit history is preventing you from getting a loan but your affordability is sufficient.

Other criteria to think about are:

  • Age – Most lenders have an upper age limit for borrowers. This might mean you could face rejection with some, not because of your bad credit per se, but because the shorter borrowing period and higher rates make a loan unaffordable.
  • Property type – Rarely an issue with Shared Ownership properties, but it’s worth keeping in mind that some providers won’t lend on anything other than a standard construction bricks and mortar home.
  • Staircasing – This refers to the practice of increasing the amount of the property you own over time. Some lenders will not approve a mortgage if there are restrictions on how much of the property you can buy – so check the terms and conditions carefully.
  • Loan to value – For Shared Ownership, this refers to the value of your share of the property. Lenders may set a maximum LTV for a Shared Ownership property or for anyone with more severe credit issues such as CCJs or bankruptcy.
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    Shared Ownership Mortgage Low Credit Score

    How to get a Shared Ownership mortgage with bad credit

    Follow these recommendations to increase your chances of being approved if you’re thinking about applying for a Shared Ownership mortgage but have poor credit.

    Step 1:

    Making a budget is essential to ensuring that you have money set aside for a deposit, moving expenses, and other costs like legal fees and stamp duty.

    Be ruthless but realistic. Get rid of wasteful spending, but be honest with yourself about what you’re willing to give up.

    Check your credit reports

    You can easily order copies of all of your credit reports online. And it’s worth taking the time to do so. It will not only help you understand the criteria that potential lenders will use to evaluate your application, but it will also help you resolve any inconsistencies.

    Speak to a bad credit mortgage broker

    Borrowers with bad credit sometimes make this their first step. Before they start gathering evidence, they frequently get reassurance from talking to a broker. Additionally, a letter of understanding paints a clear picture of the borrowing capacity.

    They can help you package your application to increase its chances of being approved by quickly identifying the best lenders to contact after fully comprehending your circumstances.

    Make an inquiry if you’d like to discuss your options with a professional, and we’ll put you in touch with them.

    Mortgage rates are subject to change at any time, but as of the date of this article (16 November 2022), those with minor credit issues and a 5% down payment may be qualified for a fixed rate of between 5% and 6%.

    Higher rates are likely for borrowers with more severe bad credit. Get impartial advice before choosing between a fixed rate and a variable rate given the current economic climate.

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    Depending on the severity of the issues, when they occurred, and whether they are now resolved, a number of mainstream lenders will consider bad credit mortgages for Shared Ownership.

    For instance, Barclays, Halifax, and Santander might take into account your application if you have a few credit card late payments but not if you have a recent CCJ.

    You are more likely to require a specialized lender if your credit issues are severe and recent.

    Get matched with a bad credit mortgage broker

    Shared Ownership mortgages and bad credit go hand in hand, so don’t let that stop you from applying. But it’s crucial to get the right guidance the first time because rebuffed applications can damage your credit reports further.

    We work with brokers who are highly knowledgeable about the market for bad credit mortgages and have dependable connections to Shared Ownership lenders. Before limiting your options to the best lenders for you, they will evaluate your unique situation.

    In some situations, they can also serve as an advocate to help close a deal.

    Based on your situation, our broker matching service will match you with the most suitable broker. Call 0808 189 2301 now to be matched with your ideal broker, or send an online inquiry.

    What credit score do you need for a Shared Ownership mortgage?

    There isn’t a single, universal credit score, and some lenders don’t even consider credit scores when reviewing applications. However, if you have poor credit, it’s frequently preferable to speak with a specialist lender who evaluates applications on an individual basis rather than by applying a numerical score.

    Do Shared Ownership mortgage lenders do credit checks?

    Yes. All mortgage lenders run credit checks, but some are more flexible in how they evaluate the data.

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    We can help because we work with mortgage brokers who are knowledgeable about shared-ownership mortgages because we recognize that everyone’s circumstances are unique.

    Shared Ownership Mortgage Low Credit Score

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  • Shared Ownership Mortgage Low Credit Score

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  • Shared Ownership Mortgage Low Credit Score

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    Can you get a mortgage with a credit score under 500?

    FHA mortgages are not available to applicants with credit scores below 500 at the minimum decision level. Those who use the FHA 203(h), Mortgage Insurance for Disaster Victims, are eligible for 100% financing from the FHA with no down payment necessary if their credit scores are 500 or higher.

    Can a low credit score prevent you from getting a house?

    Government data show that lenders have been lending to buyers with below-average credit scores more frequently since 2018. Lower credit scores, however, may have an impact on your mortgage rate, associated costs, or the amount of the required down payment.

    Can one person have bad credit on a mortgage?

    It is possible to purchase a home with one spouse having poor credit. But it also means that you will either have to put up with higher interest rates, wait to raise your credit score, or apply for a loan alone.

    What are the limitations of a shared ownership?

    What are the drawbacks of shared ownership? The main drawback of shared ownership is that since you don’t fully own the property, you still have to make monthly rental payments. The other major disadvantage is that you are also responsible for paying all of the fees associated with being a tenant.