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Obtaining an RV loan is more comparable to obtaining a mortgage than an automobile loan. They can be large loans that are harder to get.

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You should be aware of the type of RV you want to purchase before looking for financing. Whatever youre after, theres probably a loan for it. However, compared to lenders offering auto loans or mortgages, there aren’t nearly as many offering RV loans.

Here are the top RV financing picks from insiders for December 2022. Best RV Loans.

  • Lightstream RV Loans
  • Bank of the West RV Loans
  • Truist RV Loans
  • Alliant Credit Union RV Loans
  • Southeast Financial RV Loans
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    Any RV, including motorhomes and trailer-style RVs, may be financed.

    APR range: 5.99% to 15.14% with AutoPay

    Loan amounts available: $5,000 to $100,000

    Watch out for: Credit requirements. LightStream only accepts borrowers with good or better credit, which may preclude some people. Good credit, according to the lender, is defined as having a long credit history, a variety of open credit accounts, a strong repayment history without delinquencies, and a steady and sufficient income to cover the loan’s repayment obligations.

    When it comes to a variety of loan types, LightStream, an online lender backed by Truist (a member of the FDIC), is renowned for its quick funding and low interest rates. Insider has also given the bank high marks for personal and auto loans. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that LightStream also provides affordable RV loans.

    The maximum loan amount offered by this lender is $100,000; however, the average buyer can comfortably finance their RV within this amount and receive a competitively low interest rate from LightStream in the process. While some lenders won’t finance certain types of RVs, LightStream will, including trailer-style RVs.

    Any RV, including Class A, B, and C motorhomes and trailer-style RVs, may be financed. All RVs must be model year 2010 or newer.

    APR range: 5.64% to 11.69%

    Loan amounts available: $10,000 to upwards of $2 million.

    Beware of rising rates for some trailer RVs and more aged RVs. Truck campers and folding camper trailers, also known as pop-up or tent trailers, will be charged an additional 1%, according to Essex Credit and Bank of the West’s website, which could result in you paying more to finance with this lender. Watch out for loan processing fees as well, as they may raise the cost of borrowing.

    RV loans are provided by Bank of the West through Essex Credit, its lending division. RVers who want to live full-time in their RVs have a lot of options thanks to Bank of the West’s competitive interest rates and special benefits.

    Bank of the West allows RVs it finances to be used as full-time residences, unlike many other RV lenders. Additionally, this lender makes it more affordable; for example, interest rates are almost 1% lower for full-time RVers than for those who only use RVs occasionally.

    Class A and C motorhomes are eligible for larger secured loans, while all RVs are eligible for unsecured loans.

    APR range: 6.86% to 9.49%

    Loan amounts available: Starts at $10,000

    Watch out for: Use restrictions. Truist forbids the use of its financed motorhomes as residences, which could be problematic for full-time RVers. Additionally, loans are not offered in Alaska, Hawaii, or Vermont.

    Truist is best for RV loans over $100,000. That amount may seem excessive, but it’s likely necessary if you’re thinking about purchasing one of the class A or C motorhomes that Truist finances with secured loans because they tend to be more pricey RVs.

    The best option for financing large motorhomes or purchasing luxury RVs is Truist. It’s important to keep in mind that due to the size of Truist’s RV loans, a down payment might be necessary. For buyers looking for a used motorhome, Truist charges the same prices for both new and used models.

    Types of RVs financed: Class A, B, and C motorhomes. Conventional, fifth-wheel, expandable, folding, sports utility, and park model RVs are all types of recreational vehicles that can be used to travel.

    APR range: Starts at 6.49%

    Loan amounts available: Up to $300,000

    Watch out for: High credit score needed. Alliant doesn’t disclose its minimum credit score, but you must have excellent credit to be eligible for one of its loans.

    Alliant has a litany of RV types it can finance. The RVs you borrow must be under 15 years old and have less than 75,000 miles on them.

    Alliant is a credit union, so you need to join Alliant to take out a loan. To qualify, you can work with one of the credit unions partner organizations, be a family member of an Alliant member, or work in a community near the credit unions corporate headquarters in Illinois. If none of those apply to you, you can qualify by joining Foster Care to Success, and Alliant will cover your $5 joining fee.

    Types of RVs financed: Any RV, no restrictions

    APR range: Starts at 6.74%

    Loan amounts available: $15,000 to $4 million

    Watch out for: Restrictions if you have poor credit. If your credit isn’t great, Southeast Financial will enroll you in its Credit Challenge program, which limits the amount you can borrow to $75,000

    Southeast Financial is best for borrowers with poor credit. Southeast Financial welcomes borrowers with credit scores lower than 600, unlike other RV loan lenders who forbid them from applying for a loan. Even if you’ve filed for bankruptcy in the past, the lender will still give you a shot at a loan. Keep in mind that you’ll likely pay a higher interest rate the more precarious your financial situation is.

    With Southeast Financial, you won’t have to worry about the restrictions you’d have to be aware of with other lenders. You’ll also be able to get any type of RV you’d like. If your credit is good, you may be able to borrow up to $4 million, which is a sizeable sum of money to use to finance the car you want.

    Which lender is the most trustworthy?

    A non-profit organization called The Better Business Bureau that focuses on consumer protection and trust rates companies based on things like how quickly they respond to customer complaints, how truthful they are in their advertising, and how transparent they are about how they do business. Here is each companys score:

    Lender BBB Grade
    Lighstream Logo Lighstream A+
    Bank of the west logo Bank of the west A-
    Truist Bank logo Truist bank A+
    Alliant Credit Union Alliant Credit Union A+
    Southeast Financial logo Southeast Financial A+

    The BBB has given all of our top picks a rating of A- or higher. Remember that a high BBB rating does not guarantee a good working relationship with a lender, and you should continue your research and speak with people who have used the business to get the most complete information possible.

    None of our top picks have any recent public controversies.

    Other lenders we considered

  • Bank of America: Bank of America only offers RV loans indirectly through select dealerships. You wont be able to apply online on your own, or purchase outside of a dealership.
  • Navy Federal Credit Union: Navy Federals loans for RV purchases start around 8% APR, higher than rates found at other lenders.
  • USAA: A popular option for financing for military families, USAAs interest rates are not the most competitive for RV financing. Rates start at 5.75%, and people looking to purchase an RV could get better rates from LightStream.
  • US Bank: Interest rates start lower at other banks. Additionally, a 1% prepayment penalty applies if you pay off your loan within a year of opening it.
  • Insider considered many factors important to RVers, including:

  • A wide variety of RV types financed: We aimed to find lenders that accepted the most types of RVs, and tried to include lenders that financed both motorhomes and trailers when available.
  • Interest rates: We compared the starting points of interest rates from each lender, and the whole range if available.
  • Loan fees: We looked for the lenders that have the lowest fees on RV loans, prioritizing those that have no fees.
  • Better Business Bureau ratings: All lenders that took top spots in our roundup have A ratings with the BBB.
  • Nationwide availability: We looked for lenders that had loans available in most states, if not all 50.
  • Other ways to finance your RV purchase

    There are other ways to obtain an RV loan besides the lenders we’ve examined. You might want to think about asking your local credit union if they offer RV financing. Oftentimes, credit unions offer these types of loans. Find out if your credit union offers RV loans if you’re a member or considering joining one.

    Taking out a personal loan is another well-liked method of financing small RV purchases. But compared to an RV loan, these unsecured loans might have higher interest rates. Your best option is probably an RV loan if you can get one.

    RV loans are much more difficult to obtain than auto loans because most RV lenders demand large down payments and a minimum credit score of 700.

    Once you’ve found the trailer or motorhome you want to finance, there are a number of things to anticipate during the RV loan application process.

  • Gather information on your employment, income, and other loans: Since RV loans can be large, expect to be asked for a lot of info on your income and assets. Like a home loan, some RV lenders ask to see two years of income history and tax returns. You may also need information on where you live and other debts you have.
  • Youll need an inspection on the RV: Like buying a house, youll need to have the RV inspected before youre able to get a loan on it. An inspection will likely cost between $150 and $200.
  • Youll likely need to get a newer RV in order to finance it: Most RV lenders require that RVs are model year 2009 or newer. If youre looking for a vintage RV or trailer, financing might not be ideal. In these situations, you might want to consider waiting until you can pay with cash, or using a personal loan instead.
  • The typical RV loan is longer and has a higher interest rate than the typical car loan. S&P Global data shows that the average interest rate on RV loans is 6. 17% for a 36-month loan term and a new RV purchase, and 6 15% for a 60-month loan on a new RV purchase.

    Your interest rate, however, is probably not going to be like the market average. Lenders base RV loan interest rates in part on the type, age, and mileage of the RV you wish to purchase as well as your credit score and credit history.

    Depending on your lender and the amount you borrow, the term of an RV loan will change. Larger RV loans typically have longer terms, but the maximum duration varies depending on the lender. However, in many circumstances, it is possible to pay off an RV loan early. Avoid lenders with prepayment penalties if you believe that might be the case because they will charge you if you pay off your loan early.

    Some businesses provide bad credit RV loans, but you might have to pay a high interest rate to obtain one. RV loans already have higher interest rates than car or home loans because they are a luxury good. Theyre also generally harder to qualify for as a result. According to our research, many RV lenders demand a credit score of at least 700.

    If you’re not quite there yet, it might be worthwhile to put off buying an RV and focus on raising your credit score. Then, in addition to having a better chance of being approved, you’ll also end up saving money over time thanks to a lower interest rate. Paying an additional quarter of a percentage point in interest on such a large loan could add up to a lot over the course of the loan. You might be able to save and get approved if you improve your credit score.

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    Does Bank of America offer RV loans?

    Yes, through affiliated dealerships, Bank of America does provide RV loans to customers. It does not offer RV loans directly to consumers. You’ll need to submit an application at a dealership if you want a Bank of America RV loan.

    What is a good interest rate for an RV loan?

    The best RV loan interest rates currently start around 4. 49 percent for borrowers with excellent credit. But the rate you actually receive is determined by things like your credit rating, debt-to-income ratio, and annual income.

    What is typical RV financing?

    RV loans typically have terms of between 10 and 15 years, but many banks, credit unions, and other lenders will extend the term to 20 years for loans of at least $50,000 secured by suitable collateral. With Mountain America Credit Union, you can get fixed RV loans with terms up to 15 years1 (180 months).

    What is the best way to get an RV loan?

    Borrowers typically have two major options for where to obtain an RV loan:
    1. RV dealership. Once you’ve decided on an RV, the dealership is frequently the simplest place to apply for a loan.
    2. Online or traditional lender. A financial institution, like your bank or credit union, is another way to get an RV loan.