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Our family friend offered to sell her car to me for a great price since I’m in the market for a new vehicle. The catch is it has a salvage title. I’ll need to take out a loan because I don’t have enough money to pay for the car in full. I have a salvage title for my car; can I still get a loan?

Much like insurance, many lenders may not finance a vehicle with a rebuilt title due to the risk they carry. In the event that you do find a lender willing to take this on, your interest rate will probably be exorbitant. If you’re looking to purchase this kind of car, you’ll probably have to do so with cash.

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Will Capital One finance a rebuilt title?

There are few financing options available because most lenders, including Capital One, won’t lend you money to purchase a vehicle with a salvage title. Because it’s harder to sell a car with a salvage title, you might end up having to keep it.

Can you finance a salvage title in NC?

You can obtain a loan for a vehicle with a salvage title. The challenge will be finding a lender. Due to the significant damage these types of vehicles have, larger banks will be hesitant to approve loans for them. This is because these vehicles pose a greater risk.

Does a salvage title hurt the value of a car?

A car with a salvage title is typically worth 20% to 40% less than one with a clean title, according to Kelley Blue Book (KBB). You should anticipate a much lower “total loss” payout if you file a claim for a salvaged vehicle than you might with a “clean” vehicle. “.

Is buying a salvage title car worth it?

It’s usually best to stay away from purchasing salvage title cars unless you’re an expert mechanic or searching for a project car. For most people, the choice is clear due to safety concerns, the possibility of expensive repairs, and the difficulty in insuring and selling your car.