Ally Bank Auto Loan Rates

Calculate your monthly payments based on the amount you intend to borrow, the APR, and the term you believe you are eligible for.

What you should know

Your monthly payment is determined by the amount financed, the annual percentage rate, and the term of your contract.

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Find a dealer near you that provides Ally financing. Remember that your dealer probably offers financing through a number of lenders, so you might need to specifically request an Ally rate quote.

How Credit Scores Affect APR

The cost of financing is expressed as an annual percentage rate (APR), which includes finance charges, fees, and other costs. Creditors typically check your credit before giving you an APR because financial institutions use credit scores to ensure you can repay a debt. Your chance of receiving a more favourable APR increases with your credit score.


Credit Score Average Rate for New Cars Average Rate for All Pre-Owned Cars
781 – 850 2.65% 3.80%
661 – 780 3.69% 5.59%
601 – 660 6.64% 10.13%
501 – 600 10.58% 16.56%
300 – 500 14.20% 20.30%

Experian Information Solutions, Inc. provided credit score ranges and corresponding APRs. and are from the State of the Automotive Finance Market Q4 2020 report. Only use these ranges as a general reference for your anticipated APR. We advise obtaining your credit score independently before car shopping.

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The Finance Amount, which is not interest, fees, or other charges, is the portion of your payment that is applied directly to your balance for the purposes of this chart. Monthly Finance Charges are your interest, fees, and other charges.


What are Ally Bank auto loan rates?

The cost of financing is expressed as an annual percentage rate (APR), which includes finance charges, fees, and other costs. How Credit Scores Affect APR. Credit ScoreAverage New Car RateAverage Used Car Rate601 – 6606 64%10. 13%501 – 60010. 58%16. 56%.

Is Ally Bank good for auto loans?

Ally Financial auto loan earned a 3. 5 out of 5. 0 Stars. For those with good credit, Ally is a respectable option and provides a range of car-buying options. Their mobile app overall has many perks and high ratings. However, the requirement that all loan financing be handled through dealerships restricts borrowers.

Which Bank has lowest interest rate on auto loan?

Overall, PenFed Credit Union has the lowest annual percentage rates for auto loans. The best used car loan rates start at 2. 49% while the best new car loan rate is 2. 09%.

What credit score do I need for Ally auto loan?

With a credit score of 640 or higher, according to Ally Bank, you’re “more likely to be approved” for their auto loans. Users have reported receiving approvals with scores as low as 600. It will help if you keep your revolving balances low and have fewer than six inquiries.