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Find out what a 10-day payoff is in the following paragraphs, as well as why it’s crucial.

You need to understand what a 10-day payoff is if you are refinancing your student loans.

See, after your refinance loan application is approved, some time elapses before your old loans are paid off by your new lender. You must make sure that your old loan is fully repaid, which can be trickier than it seems because interest accrues daily.

Your 10-day payoff letter is essential to making sure that your new lender sends the appropriate amount of money and that there is no outstanding loan balance at the conclusion of your refinance process. The following information will help you understand how a 10-day loan payoff operates and why it is so crucial.

What is a 10-day payoff?

Every day that you owe money on student loans, interest is accrued on those loans. Therefore, you cannot simply send in the amount from your most recent statement balance or even the total amount due as shown on your online account if you want to pay off your balance in full.

Instead, you must ask your current lender for a 10-day payoff forecast. To request a 10-day payoff letter, log into your loan account online. Your loan servicer will then provide you with the 10-day payoff amount. This amount equals:

The current balance due on your loan

+ The next ten days’ worth of interest on the principal balance

During the refinancing process, you must give the 10-day payoff letter to your new loan servicer. This letter will specify the precise amount that must be sent to pay off your outstanding student loan balance.

How to request a 10-day payoff letter

You can typically request a 10-day payoff by logging into your online account with most student loan servicers. However, not all do, so you might need to contact your loan servicer by phone or email. If you must contact your lender directly to request your 10-day pay-off, you must include the following information:

  • Your loan number
  • The address where the 10-day payoff letter should be sent
  • You must find out your 10-day payoff amount from each loan servicer you have individually. This means that if you are refinancing six loans, each lender would need to provide you with a 10-day payoff letter.

    The 10-day payoff is determined using calendar days rather than business days. In some circumstances, you will have to give your lender specific dates. Make sure your calculations are accurate so that your loan servicer can provide you with the precise repayment amount.

    What is the loan refinancing timeline after you get your 10-day payoff?

    Depending on the refinance lender you choose to work with, the timeline can change slightly when you refinance your student loans. In general, heres how the process works.

  • Day 0: Youll receive your 10-day payoff letter and sign your loan agreement with your refinance lender on the same day. If you request your 10-day payoff amount too early, you could end up with an incorrect amount and will need to get another updated letter to ensure full repayment of your student loans.
  • Days 1-3: Theres a legally mandated cooling-off period that lasts between one and three days. During this time, you have the option to cancel your refinance loan.
  • Day 4: Your refinance lender will send payment for your existing loans to your loan servicer. The amount that is sent will be based on the 10-day payoff letter that you provided to your refinance lender.
  • Day 10: By day 10, your old lender should receive the payment from your new lender and will close out your old account. Your new loan servicer will provide details on exactly when your new loan becomes active and when payment is due.
  • After this process is finished, you should check in with your current loan servicer to ensure that your loan balance is $0 at that time. Prior to receiving confirmation that the refinancing process has been completed and that your old loans have been paid in full, do not stop making payments on your existing loan or miss a payment deadline.

    Do you need a 10-day payoff?

    Whenever you refinance student loans, whether you are refinancing undergraduate loans or graduate loans, you must obtain a 10-day payoff from your current lender. Due to the fact that this letter is intended to ensure that the correct amount is repaid

    If you have private loans, refinancing frequently can help you save a lot of money. Although you can refinance federal loans, doing so would require giving up beneficial borrower benefits, such as adaptable income-driven payment plans and loan forgiveness choices. There is no disadvantage to pursuing a refinance if you can lower your current interest rate because that is not a problem when you refinance existing private loans.

    If you are thinking about refinancing, you should weigh your loan options because you want to get a refinance loan with the best terms. Juno can help. We organize groups of borrowers and use the power of collective bargaining on their behalf. We represent them in negotiations with lending partners and encourage competition among lenders for their business. This makes it easier for each borrower to be eligible for the best rate and terms.

    10 Day Loan Payoff Carvana

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    How do I get a 10-day payoff for Carvana?

    Typically, your lienholder’s website will allow you to download your 10-day payoff document. You can also call and ask for one to be sent to you. You can upload a photo of a physical copy if you have one.

    How long does it take Carvana to pay off your loan?

    Trade-in vehicles with current liens will be paid off once the sale is complete and after your 7-Day Money Back Guarantee. When and how will the remaining balance on my trade-in vehicle be paid off?

    How does a 10-day payoff work?

    A 10-day payoff is the period of time it takes your new lender, as part of a refinance, to pay off your previous loans. This occurs when you refinance any loan with Earnest, including personal, student, auto, and mortgage loans.

    Does Carvana charge for early payoff?

    You can without a doubt pay more than the minimum required each month. There is no fee associated with paying off the loan early, and doing so will result in interest savings.